” B-Baaa…. ”

deceniza says: Leaves him a tiny box of heart shaped maple cookies. "Happy Valentine's day!"

Look at the box, puzzled and smell the cookies. ” Maple…” he breathes. His face starts burning up as he bring a cookie to his lips and take a small bit of it, looking at the box with an amazed manner. ” I-I can’t believe this! A-Asher cooks amazing m-maple cookies… ”

Incidentally, it’s also the first time he ever get something for Valentine’s day.

[ Submission box opened! ]

Flaps wings and lie down on his tummy before making a sort of protection with the feathers. ” Valentine’s day here and I miss my crush. ”

What a nice day.


   The name he spoke came as a shock to you.  Your hands begin to shake a bit as your horrified feelings towards what he said began to show through a bit.
" A-AINA… d-did this to y-you…?  I-I could have s-sworn we were d-done with her… "
   By now you were so lost in thought, you really weren’t paying attention to what he said.  You just sat back down beside him and rested your head on his shoulder.
" W-well, anyways, I’m glad you’re back now… Are you… doing ok? "


The brunet looked down, frowning. He remembered the creature telling it killed Reese, which made him snap.He nodded, slowly, glaring at his own body. He wished he was strong enough to have revenge, to make it pay for what it did to Reese and to Edell as well. The poor guy must be weeping everyday since he learned about him.

” It happened a bit after you told me what happened to you… ” he explained. ” S-so it’s fine…” he continued, gently rubbing her back. ” I-I’m… kinda ok… I miss being human, able to travel normally and see people I care about without feeling I’ll scare them… ” he admitted.

w h y
      am I still ғιɢнтιɴɢ


                 I got nothing to fight for anymore


   You freeze in the process of snuggling up beside him and slowly turn to look up at him.


" Y-you what…?  H-how did this happen?! "
   You quickly bounce up and cradle his face in your hands, checking every part of him to make sure he was ok.

The brunet sighs a bit before shivering. He tried to hide how scared he really was with fake emotions, the usual. ” Some Aida or Aina went to me and murdered me. ” he said. ” Impaled multiple time. I-I don’t remember much. ” the thought of dying made his face turned red out of anxiety.

He let her snuggle beside him and then take his face to check up on him. ” C-Careful, I wouldn’t want you to impale yourself on my h-horns… ” he said, pulling on his shirt and closing his wings on him and her.


  You stand back a bit once the fortress opens then poke your head in to see… Yosh?
" Ah, Yosh is that you?!  You’ve changed!  What happened to you? "


” N-Nothing much… ” his heart was pounding in his chest out of anxiety. He slowly moved his hands to his hair pins under his horns. ” S-someone kind of murdered me and I came back l-like this… ”

Makes a few attempts to sneak into the little wing sanctuary of his, but so far is unsuccessful.
The brunet felt something tickle his feathers and opened them a bit to see what or who it was. He looked at Reese with surprise, trying to cover his horns and himself in general.
” R-Reese! ”